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Industrial space design

Industrial space design

The same design skills and expertise are put into all of our designs beit for factories, laboratories, offices or warehouses. 

Every square foot of space needs to be uilised in the most productive and cost effective way.

Optimising your layout will be accomplished by:

  • Listening to you
  • Understanding your needs and asperations
  • Learning how your departments work together and individually
  • Designing arround your processes
  • Recognising that every industrial and warehouse business is different
  • Creating a design that works for you
  • Helping to find new and innovative ways of working

For existing buildings the good news is that due to the fact almost all of the work takes place in an already existing building structure, full planning permission is almost never required.

That is unless you want to alter the structure of the existing building. You will however require building regulations approval which can be dealt with directly by Winberry.